When all the ties that bind the heart are unloosened, then a mortal becomes immortal.  –Katha Upanishad

Ashtanga Yoga with Sharon Moon

Sharon Moon

Picture of Sharon MoonSharon has been a student and practitioner of yoga for 50 years. Along with the yoga postures, her practice has also included study of the yogic texts, meditation, pranayama and chanting.   Manju Jois is her Ashtanga teacher and she has been authorized by him and given his blessings to teach Ashtanga Yoga. She first learned Ashtanga from David Swenson in 1994 and will forever be grateful for this and what she continues to learn every time she practices with him. She has also been inspired by Nancy Gilgoff, Louise Ellis, Mark Darby and Dena Kingsberg. Sharon’s additional interest and experience includes a black belt in Cha Yon Ryu from Grandmaster Kim Soo, Tae Kwon Karate Association. She has also studied Tai-Chi Chuan with Fang Xiang Liu of Mainland China and Shi Jen Liao of Taiwan. Sharon holds degrees in graphic arts and visual arts and is a State of Texas Certified Art Instructor.  She has attained Reiki Master level of the Usui method of Natural Healing, Reiki.

Sharon has taught yoga to the deaf and blind in Austin, Texas and Nairobi, Kenya and was honored by the Southwest Yoga Foundation for her work. She helped to organize the first annual free day of yoga in Austin. She also created the Ashtanga program, gave teacher training, and taught classes for many years at YogaYoga studios. Ashtanga Yoga has taken Sharon to many places in the world to teach classes, workshops and teacher training. Including a year in Taipei, Taiwan and spending a year in Nairobi, Kenya for the Jois Foundation (now known as Sonima) in partnership with Africa Yoga Project. Her primary role was in training a group of locals to be teachers, to then be hired to teach in the settlement schools, orphanages, special schools and prisons.

On a personal note: I continue to practice Ashtanga as I grow older. My yoga practice certainly does not look like it did 20 years ago, but does still bring me joy and keeps me healthy in body, mind and heart. I have found that I can still experience the magic Ashtanga has to offer even when I have to now modify postures or in some instances, let go of certain postures. I am honored to be able to still share my experience and love of Ashtanga through teaching.

May life be sweet for you and may each moment be filled with infinite love so that infinite possibilities come your way.